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‘Beauty is always a sight for sore eyes’, asserted a famous classic. Appearing of contests at which a symbol of feminine beauty is chosen is a quite regular process which began in postwar Europe more than 50 years ago. The first Miss Ukraine contest took place in 1988. Ever since prizes and contestants as well as spectators became to be different, beauty contests changed as dramatically as the life itself… Only a fairytale beauty of Ukrainian girls remained unchanged. We offer you to make sure in it by yourselves.
Well, the most beautiful Ukrainian women according to the official beauty contest “Miss Ukraine’.
Miss Ukraine-2003 Ilona Yakovleva, now lives in Turkey, in Istanbul.
The winner of 2004 Lesya Matveeva, Kiev.
Miss Ukraine-2005 Yulia Pinchuk, Novovolinsk.
In 2006 a crown was taken by Olga Shilivanova, Kharkov
Miss Ukraine 2007 Lika Roman, Uzhorod
The winner of 2008 contest became a charming Irina Zhuravskaya, Kiev.
Miss Ukraine-2009 Evheniya Tulchevskaya, now lives in Moscow.
In 2010 the title was won by an Odessa citizen Ekaterina Zakharchenko.
Miss Ukraine 2011 Yaroslava Kuryacha, Vinnitsa.
Kharkov citizen Karina Zhironkina fitted the crown of the winner in 2012.
The most beautiful woman of Ukraine in 2013 was recognized Anna Zayachkovskaya, Ivano-Frankivsk.
Ukraine is a vast European land populated with people of various nationalities. That’s why various types of beauty can be found there – Slavic, Asian, European. It became a custom that in the country women always spend much time on keeping their beauty. In Ukraine it is a custom to take care of one's appearance. To natural beauty are added a make-up and stylish cloths. One must add here what is customary to call a personal charm, and there you are! Here is the main secret of beauty and attractiveness of Ukrainian girls.