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It's not a secret that the most beautiful girls in the world live in Ukraine. There are of course different opinions and ratings, but we are absolutely sure in it because we see it. Of course, many men can have doubts can't they? Yes it is, and we will try to convince you in it. As we know men are attracted by looks, it is the nature of a strong half of mankind, and probably the best proof of course are photos.

In general, without hesitation, we sent our photo correspondents to the streets of Ukrainian cities. To your attention here is our amateur photos of Ukrainian girls. Cities -Kiev, Odessa, Kherson, Nikolayev. All photos are made in real, everyday life; there are no models in these photos.

If you looked at our photos are not convinced yet in that Ukraine is a country of the most sexy women, or you thought it is just a few photos; in a database of our Ukrainian dating service there are more than 100 000 pictures of girls and women from different parts of the country. Professional and amateur, made at the studios and in the street; bikini photos on the beaches of Ukraine; they are all united in one theme-Ukrainian girl.

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