Ukrainian dating agency present photocatalogue of single, charming, sexy and beautiful Ukraine girls looking marriage with foreginers


Ukraine dating and marriage: scam and business

The purpose of this article is to help you to avoid of becoming a victim of fraud when using an online dating service with Ukrainian women. Here are a few tips on how to protect from fraud and financial loss using Internet dating sites. Everything you will read here about fraud and deception is an attempt to systematize and streamline the answers to the questions that inevitably arise among users of Ukrainian dating sites.

1. Who are these scammers, what are their aims and methods?

The answer to the question of purpose is self-evident, to get your money and material gain. This is the only problem that solves a similar deception. In order to understand the methods we must first clearly distinguish scammers into 3 groups.
A) Internet dating Agencies (international dating services, dating agencies, etc.) that receive money from you in the form of payment transfers, letters, phone calls and email addresses for sales for non-existent SERVICES. More specifically, they have a fake database of girls from Ukraine and beautiful studio photographs, detailed questionnaires and a summary of beauties who do not actually exist. Letters, phone calls, translation services for which you pay is the product of the agency itself, professional translators and psychologists work on what would be invisible to empty your wallets.

B) Con artists pretending to be Ukrainian girls. This is the most common type of scams on Russian dating sites. Although you will see a photo of a pretty girl, in real life it could be anyone, such as a pimply young man or a fat old woman factory worker. Internet access and a developed imagination are their main weapons so take heed.
They are good psychologists and using romantic communication they will scam you

C) Real girls from Ukraine. Dating sites were hunted for years with their real photos and data. They exist, you can even meet them for lunch in a restaurant, find yourself in bed together, but in the end, do not make plans as none of them will be your wife, and their friend will be your wallet. How to call it? Prostitution? Escort? You decide.

2. What dating sites are the most dangerous, and are there any that has a guarantee of no fraud?
Let's start with the second part of the question. It would not convince the owners of Ukrainian dating sites on the absolute safety of its customers, which would not put up all sorts of icons on the pages and logos are anti-scam communities - they are telling the whole story. Decent marriage agencies, which value their reputation, of course fight against fraud but they cannot eradicate it. You can unequivocally declare that on the Internet there is no dating service that is completely free of scams.
The most dangerous are free ukraine marriage agencies and dating services. These sites are very popular among men; the magic word “free” attracts customers like flies to honey. The owners of these resources do not earn from the client, but from advertising or additional services, so it’s not a concern for them to fight against fraud which then makes it a haven for scammers and fraudsters. There are thousands of them, and they look forward until you let down your guard.