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Ukraine women VS american and european females

Let us take a look at the statistics. This year a vote was taken on the following question, "What nationailty of women seem to be the most attractive?" 54% of respondents believe that the most beautifu women live in Ukraine and Russia. 27% believe that the most attactive, of the fairer sex, are found in the land of the rising sun. 14% voted for the classic version, which in their opinion, were the most beautifu women in the world, Frenchwomen. The same number believes that the true birthplace of beautiful women are from Germany. Italy has handed over their position. Fewer than 5% were given to the Italians.
Each ethnic taste. Many people often do not like women of other nationalities. But in general, according to polls, Slavic women are the most beautiful. What is the secret appeal of Ukrainians. It's not so much that they are better, but the question is on how they presents themselves. If the majority of European women refuse to use cosmetics in everyday life, a real Ukrainian woman finds it undignified to appear at work without makeup.
Europeans are paying much less attention to how they look in the eyes of others. The main thing for them is to feel confident and like themselves first. Beigbeder said, women of every nation has its own secrets of attraction and strengths.
German women differ in efficiency and thoroughness, accuracy in everyday life, that does not always work in Russian.
French are distinguished by their extraordinary charm. They are very attentive to detail and can be completely without makeup, but their hair is always made up, dressed immaculately, and are accompanited with exquisite perfume.
Japanese women are known for their natural reserve and complaisant. It is wild and wrong to condradict her husband. In eastern families their responsibilities tend to be distributed clearly; working outside the hosue is the prerogative of men, and women are generally houswives.
The landmark for the majority of the Ukrainian of the fair sex is; home, happy family, and men feel it. Although in recent years there are more and more careerists, but most are still willing to sacrifice for their husband's bright prospects and for a child. Where else will you meet such a miracle who is; beautiful, intelligent, a good mistress, and almost ready to give everything for happiness? But one of the most valuable strengths is patience(not obedience!), gentleness, and being perilous. So without knowing the statistics, Ukrainian women have no idea they are catching the admiring glances of men abroad.
Today there are a huge percentage of Ukraine women with a normal human desire; to find a man and provide themselves and children a decent life, and going abroad, particularly to the U.S. The women leaving are smart, beautiful, erotic, successful, self sufficient and active. Slavic women are doing everything to make their spouses happy. In Ukraine one woman was left with a baby by her Ukrainian husband, another with bruises and a third was left for another women. As acknowledged by many American men, they are very sexy, not tainted as an American, and well prepared.

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